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paving Liverpool

Paving Liverpool

Beautiful Paving Projects From Liverpool’s Finest

Our passionate paving team are driven to achieve perfection on your property. When it comes to paving Liverpool driveways, paths or patios, we have a wealth of experience and expertise so you can expect us to provide the top-quality results you desire. Contact us for more information.

Paving Service

  • Professional and reliable
  • Skilled, experienced pavers
  • Driveways, paths, patios
  • Various styles
  • Liverpool

Great prices

Our modest pricing range is specifically designed to provide you with fine quality paving at fantastically low prices – so you can get the garden you want without sacrificing your finances. Call 07729 927 233 for a free quote.

What Can Paving Be Used For?

Paving has many functions and purposes. Our skilled team, who have many years of experience in fitting paving, will be able to accommodate for any of them.

It can be installed at your home to create a driveway. A strong surface that will be able to carry the weight of several cars and withstand all kinds of weather conditions, paving will provide you with a driveway you can use for many years.

Paving can also help to create paths to and from your front door. They coming in a range of styles and designs to complement whatever aesthetic you may desire for your home or garden.

Lastly, paving is a perfect solution for homeowners who want a patio in their garden. This will create a perfect space for making the most of your outdoors, allowing you to host barbeques or places tables and chairs for eating outside.

Why choose Barlow Landscaping for paving in Liverpool?

Barlow Landscaping is based in Fazakerley. Therefore, we are ideally located for homeowners in Liverpool who desire paving. We are competitive on price and aim to give you the best deal possible for our services. Our team are skilled and experienced professionals who guarantee a top standard of work. We are prompt and strive to complete all our work on time.

Some of our Recent Paving Projects

How our paving process works

When paving in Liverpool or any other area, we first measure exactly how much material and design the customer needs, to ensure the job goes quickly and smoothly. Then we make sure it is as clear and level as possible – usually done by our ground crews, this can also sometimes require rotivators and other landscaping machinery. The end result needs to fit together perfectly and be smooth and even, so starting from good foundations is a vital first step!

After this, we will prepare the ground for laying the paving stones, and ensure the stones fit as needed. We then lay our foundation – usually of concrete or a sand/cement mix to ensure a perfect fit and hold, then lay the stones quickly and securely. The actual laying of the main body of paving usually only takes a few days – although if you want a particulalry intricate paving design or an artistic paving arrangement, it can take longer, and once it has been laid, the smaller stones are cut and laid neatly to form a perfect edge. Once washed down, the paving is ready to use, and will continue to look great for years to come.


Some more great services for you

We also provide a whole host of other phenomenal paving and landscaping services.

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